Our Wedding Photos!

The ceremony was held beside Long Lake, in Bala, Muskoka, Ontario.

Mom and dad's house provided a beautiful back drop.

 Our wedding ceremony vows.

After the ceremony we went on a Dinner Cruise on the Wenonah, on Lake Muskoka. Jesse, Caitlin and Heather-Lynn, sang, "Here's To Song" at the end of the evening.

After the ceremony we went to the Cranberry Marsh Hotel. Breakfast was lovely!

The next day Mom & dad hosted a luncheon for family and friends.

Brian, still an avid sports fan!

My in-laws: Brian's family plot. He is an orphan, as he often tells my family!

Aug. 22nd, 2002

Brian Racine Jennifer Jilks

The Setting


Mom & Dad

The kids



The Hotel



Dinner at Enricos

The Cake

The Ring

The Luncheon

The Dinner Cruise

The Toasts


The Song

More singing!

Abused Husbands Club!

Coming Home



Jennifer Jilks