Dear Manordale staff,

I would like to take a brief survey on web page in-service needs. This includes, of course, teaching *and* SETA staff! Last year my team managed to put 75% of our classrooms and/or staff on the web. We'd like to encourage classrooms to create web pages for a number of reasons...

  1. To promote the students and their fine work.
  2. To encourage students to write and create.
  3. To promote our staff and their fine work.
  4. To encourage interest for our school in the wider educational community.
  5. To teach writing, and computer skills to all and sundry!
  6. To encourage the refinement of problem solving skills through the tool of technology.
  7. To facilitate some team building in the building of a web.

Please read my proposal and then scroll back up, print "page 1 only", check the appropriate spot and pop it in my mail box! /Jennifer J.


Name: ________________________________ Grade/Assignment: __________________

I am interested in such a workshop. A January timeline is good, bad, preferable timing: _______________________________.

My prep period is at: o'clock.

My "Home Page" skill level is: nil,no longer afraid, intermediate, experienced.

Other computer resource workshops I would be interested in:

BEAM, Internet research: ___________, teacher resources, other: _______________________________.

Here is my proposal...

I would like to facilitate a 1/4 day workshop for all staff. I was thinking of doing it in late January, after we're back and on a roll and before March reports.

The purpose of the workshop would be:

The tried and true strategy I developed divided staff up into 4 heterogeneous groups and released them 1/4 time over two days, for an inservice with release time. The creation of web pages is a magical experience! The synergy of the experience built a lot of energy and enthusiasm for reading, writing, technological skills and learning amongst staff members. Those more able taught those less able in a peer tutoring mode and increased the learning curve. The students benefited, too!

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Thanks for taking the time! Jennifer Jilks . Our gr. 6 classroom web work.