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This is the story of Eva, Edie and Lonesome Charlie!  What a trio. They made up in the end, and flew off to raise their young.

Poor Edie has to protect his rock.

Off he goes after Lonesome Charlie.

off goes Charlie at great speed.

pleased with his efforts, he goes back to his rock.

Eddie chases Lonesome Charlie away again. Eva minds her own business. Boys will be boys.

Back comes Lonesome Charlie for a 2nd try.

He looks over at the cracked corn on the rock.

Eddie appears vigilant; Eva grooms some more.

Closer and closer...

The wind ruffles Charlie's feathers. Eddie figures he needs to put some grooming time in, too.

One big happy family? The third time lucky, Charlie watches as Eddie postures.

He made it. Eddie ignores him.

It is spring, and the water rises, as do the hormones. I don't know what it is that Edie allowed Charlie, and the ducks, to feed. They all lived happily ever after. Actually, they disappeared, I presume to raise their young.

both on one foot



Bala Falls

smashing along